Toddler has almost 30 seconds of fun at Paris, Ill. splash pad

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler enjoyed almost 30 seconds of fun while playing in a Paris, Illinois splash pad.

A single photo shows the excited two-year-old Alex Essex had when he ran through the water tunnel, once.

“He was having fun…and then he saw the playground. It turned into us literally chasing him around the fence that surrounded the playground,” Alex’s dad Chris said.

It was reportedly very hot the day they went to the splash pad, and because it was an impromptu trip to grandma’s, they weren’t fully prepared for him to go from splash pad to playground.

“We usually have some of those water shoes for him, but those were at home. The pavement inside of the playground was very…very hot. We didn’t want him walking on it…but he didn’t understand,” Chris said.

When Essex didn’t want to reenter the splash pad, it meant a trip home.

He reportedly wasn’t happy with that decision.

“He for sure hit, we are working on no hitting…but he hit me pretty good,” his mom, Ami said.

There are plans to try the splash pad again at a later date.

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