Grass be gone: toddler’s fear of the green stuff concerns parents

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler is working to overcome his fear of grass.

The bizarre phobia started for two-year-old Alex Essex about a week ago. According to Alex’s parents, the fear cake out of nowhere.

“We were walking around outside, in an area with a lot of grass…he was fun…and then he wasn’t,” father, Chris Essex said.

The technical term for the fear is hastenburaphobia.

The cause may stem back from a fear of dandelions. There have been more than normal so far this year.

“The grass rubs against his foot…and he is spooked,” Chris said.

Chris told us he was full of dumb fears as a kid, so he says it’s important to not make fun of his son.

“I use to think a poster of Keith Fernandez (former Mets player) was going to come to life and get me. I think I was afraid of his mustache,” Chris told us.

While the fear remains, his mom Ami said Alex has started to dip his toe in the water.

“He started by walking with one foot on the edge. And then quick trips…to only get scared and freeze up. Yesterday, he full on went for it…but there was a playground. So he may have forgotten,” said Ami.

Alex’s parents are hoping he fully overcomes his fear by next weekend, when a family get together is set for his grandmother’s.

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