Toddler busted licking playground bars…parents concerned

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents are concerned after their toddler was caught licking playground equipment.

It happened Sunday at Deming Park.

That is where two-year-old Alexander Essex kicked a bar on some of the playground equipment.

His parents, Chris and Ami Essex say while they fear disease they mostly fear they will make fun of him too much.

“Sick? No. He’ll probably be fine. He has peed in his own face before. He will be fine. No. I laughed so hard at him…and I’m afraid it’ll scar him,” Chris said.

His parents say they have so many embarrassing photos of the toddler they are afraid they won’t be able to hold back when he gets older.

“I’ve got a whole series of videos where he poop grunts. Nose picks. Runs into walls. I mean…I’m not responsible enough with all of this,” Chris continued.

Alex’s mom said she will be able to show some restraint but it will be hard.

“I’ll want to embarrass him. But I feel like the need won’t be too bad. I can hold back,” Ami told us.

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