“Toddler Box” offers parents a time saving way to ship their kid to grandma’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – It’s being called a new way to get your toddler to grandma’s house.

On Friday, Amazon announced the “Toddler Box.”

Here’s how it works.

Parents will receive a box from the online retailer. When the box arrives you put your child inside and take them to any major shipper for overnight delivery to their destination. The box will come prepackaged with a snack and toy for your toddler to enjoy while in transit.

Parents say this will make their lives much easier.

“I have to drive like 45 minutes to take him to his grandma’s. I could be spending that time playing PlayStation or sleeping. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard,” Chris Essex said.

Some parents were concerned when the box didn’t include holes for air. Experts say for a cardboard box, it’s not necessary.

“The box isn’t air tight. Obviously you have spaces in the gaps where the tape would be. If you are still concerned, you can poke some holes in it with scissors. Or just leave the scissors in the box with your toddler and let them decide in transit,” expert David Chambers said.

The boxes will come in different sizes, based on how big your kid is.

It will cost you $19.99, but that will include one way shipping.

Officials expect a nationwide rollout this summer.

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