Diaper party? Toddler loses his pants during daycare playtime

WEST TERRE HAUTE,Ind. (FTN) – It was a diaper party at a western Vigo County daycare last week.

Daycare officials were forced to notify one-year-old Kieran Orpurt’s mother after the toddler lost his pants on the playground.

It happened in West Terre Haute on Thursday.

According to the boy’s mother, Christine, he stripped down to his diaper while playing outside.

“I’m not sure what he was thinking. He has better judgment than this… But I guess the good weather just got the better of him,” Christine said.

Officials confirm weather may have been a factor in the incident.

“It was finally starting to feel like spring. I think we all wanted to take our pants off. The difference is, toddlers can do it and get away with it,” An anonymous officials said.

Christine said she is going to start consider potty training after this strip down.

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