Toddler’s puddle kiss goes to the next level

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – The rainy weather doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon, but a Vigo County toddler is diving into the forecast face first.

On Tuesday, FTN first told you about two-year-old Alexander Essex’s adventures in puddle stomping.

On Wednesday, a simple trip to the dumpster with his mother elevated Alex’s relationship with the rain.

“We were taking the trash out…I put him in his rain boots and pjs…he was going to bed not too longer after…and he just bolted for the water,” Alex’s mom, Ami said. “I was going to try and stop him at first, but he was having fun.”

What happened next took Tuesday’s puddle kiss to a whole new level.

“He uh…he face planted. He fell right into the water,” Ami said.

The whole incident was captured on video.

Ami said Alex loved it and was belly laughing through the entire experience.

“This is the kind of things memories are made of. Spur of the moment things like this. So much fun,” Alex’s dad, Chris said.

Moving forward, Ami and Chris say they plan to keep a change of clothes handy, just in case the little one wants to take an impromptu dip once again.

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