Father admits failure in training his child how to use a chair

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad admits to failing as a parent as he watches his two-year-old try to use a chair.

It happened Thursday morning on the city’s south side.

According to father Chris Essex, his son Alex struggled to properly sit down in the chair.

That chair was specifically made for kids.

“I just thought it would come to him, you know? I mean, he sits in his car seat…and for dinner and stuff…so I didn’t think much more education was needed in that area,” Chris said.

Commenters on an internet message board say babies should be able to sit in chairs on their own by the time they are three weeks old.

“He tried to sit on the top…I failed my son,” Chris said with tears streaming down his face. “It is every dad’s worst fear.”

One expert says it could just be a two year old being “silly” and it was too soon to worry about it.

The manufacturer of the chair suggests only children over the age of one use the product.

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