Vigo County toddler’s cup holder idea rejected by different companies

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A toddler’s idea to invent the next generation of cupholders has been rejected.

Two-year-old Alex Essex has been working for months to create a new way to hold his sippy cup.

But roadblock after roadblock has left him at a dead end.

“Drink? Mean mommy…book,” Alex said during an interview, as he threw a Donald Duck toy at our reporter.

We spoke with Ami Essex, Alex’s mother who says she thinks she knows the source of the initial frustration.

“His sippy cups kept changing. We went from bottles to cups with handles, to cups without, to fat cups, and then skinny cups. I honestly think this last attempt was him just saying whatever,” Ami said.

That last idea has many scratching their heads.

“A cup in a shoe? No. Who would think that’s clean?” A CEO of a major company told us anonymously.

In paperwork FTN obtained from the patient office, it described the shoe cupholder…or the “SippyShoe” as the perfect blend of form and function, saying:

“You’ve always got your shoes with you. You can just take that shoe off, put your drink in there and call it good.”

There’s no word if Alex will keep trying until he creates something that catches on, or stick with the SippyShoe.


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