Leaked text reveals mom’s crazy night while son was at grandma’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A newly leaked text reveals the shocking details surrounding a Terre Haute mom’s night without her toddler or husband.

The mother involved in this s candle is 29-year-old Ami Essex.

Sources say the text was sent to an unknown person on Friday night.

The texts discusses whether or not she should leave the house to buy a puzzle and just buy a mystery game online.

According to the unnamed source, Essex’s two-year-old son Alex was at his grandmother’s house for the night.

Here is a full transcript of the text:

“So what should I do. Should I go and get a puzzle and do it or should I get a mystery game online? Pro’s for puzzle. I really enjoy it and it is super relaxing

The pieces can be annoying when putting it away unfinished.

Mystery games pro is they are fun. Con’s-It can be hit or miss to find a good one. “

We reached out to Essex for comment, so far we haven’t heard back.

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