Great Scott! Terre Haute dad admits to showing son scenes of Back to the Future III first

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad is facing criticism for showing his toddler Back to the Future lll before the other two.

It happened Thursday morning on the city’s south side.

That is where witnesses say 35-year-old Chris Essex showed his son a scene from the third movie in the trilogy before any of the other movies.

His son is two-year-old Alex Essex

Critics say the third movie, set in the Wild West was the inferior movie of the series.

“Really? A brilliant scientist is going to put booze in a gas tank? Did he really think a pack of horses could get a car to 88 miles per hour?” Everybody on the Internet said.

Chris says he exposed his son to this first for a good reason.

“He loves trains. I was like, hey, the last scene of the entire series involves a flying train. And then there’s an exploding train. And train models. And a train pushing a car. And a train crushing a car. And Clara Clayton feeling bad inside of a train,” Chris droned on.

Ami Essex, Alex’s mother defends the move saying the third is her favorite.

“I love the old west feel. It is by far my favorite. I have no problem with this,” Ami said.

With scenes involving attempted incest, underage drinking, a plot surrounding a porn magazine and attempted rape, there’s no word on when Chris plans to share the entire family friendly series with his son.

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