Mommy or Ami? Toddler leads local mother to feel like step mom

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler is facing accusations of calling his mother by her real name.

According to documents, two-year-old Alexander Essex has started calling his mom Ami.

Records say Alex’s father may be to blame for calling his wife by her first name in front of the toddler.

We reached out to Chris and Ami Essex for comment.

“Yeah, it makes me feel like a stepmom. He gets mad he yells Ami! It’s funny, but it’s not,” Ami said.

When we asked Chris who was to blame, he said he might be responsible.

“It just slips. Sometimes you have to get her attention and you feel weird saying “mom,” I mean…I’m not Vice President Pence,” Chris said.

Alex’s parents say they are working on the problem, but so far, they don’t have a clear answer.

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