Toddler goes invisible when the “creepy” uncle shows up during lunch

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County toddler revealed he has the ability to go invisible during lunch on Wednesday.

That toddler was almost two-year-old Alexander Essex.

It happened while he was eating ravioli and his uncle, David Essex showed up.

“I knew I would be the creepy uncle, but I didn’t think he would try to ghost me at first sight,” David said.

Alex’s parents say he is always shy when someone walks into the room.

“He does this closed eye thing…it’s pretty cute. He gets over it pretty quickly,” Chris, the boy’s father, and David’s brother said.

We spoke with Dr. J.J. Panda who says the ability to turn invisible is just an urban legend.

“What toddlers don’t understand is even if they close their eyes, we can still see them. But it is simple fun to pretend they are invisible. It is cute,” Panda said.

He goes on to say toddlers have been trying different tricks to fall out of view for a while.

“Cardboard boxes, hiding under the blanket, simply covering their eyes with their hands…it’s an age-old trick.”

David said it doesn’t bug him.

“No, I’m okay with it. As the saying goes, hide your kids hide your wife. Plus, I make this SpongeBob sound with my throat. Yeah…I get it.”

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