Potato Head busted out of jail by Woody impersonator

VIGO COUNTY, (FTN) – We have developing news in the case against a spud that faked his own death.

Police told FTN that Mr. Potato Head has busted out of jail.

File photoHead was arrested last week after he was accused of faking his own death.

One-year-old Alexander Essex.was initially charged with the murder.

Police say a toy dressed as Sheriff Woody helped with the jail break.

“He looked very similar, but there are ways to tell. My badge is plastic. His is sewn into the material. If you pull my string, I talk. I lost my hat a long time ago,” Woody said.

FTN obtained a surveillance photo from the escape.

Head took out his mustache and now has his tongue out.

If you have any information on Head if Fake Woody’s location, you are asked to contact police.

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