Toddler busted dancing to Spice Girls classic

TERRE HAUTE, Ind (FTN) – A diapered toddler was spotted dancing to some not so classic 90s music.

It happened Thursday at a south side Vigo County apartment.

That is where witnesses say they spotted one-year-old Alexander Essex “shaking his diaper” to Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

“It was cute…but man…someday he is going to be mad these videos are out there” Bobot the Robot said.

Essex’s dad Chris told us he just likes to dance.

“He only has a couple of dance moves. But he kills those moves. It’s so much fun,” Chris said.

But why Spice Girls?

“I think it is fun to see how he reacts to my generations cheesy music. You know, Summer Girls, Hit Me Baby One More Time, and Mambo Number 5,” Chris said.

Experts say it is important to dance like no one is watching from time to time.

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