Toddler busted trying to smuggle toy into his cell

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County toddler was busted trying to smuggle items into his cell.

On Sunday, police say one-year-old Alexander Essex jammed a toy between the bars of his crib in preparation for bed time.

“It was a Mickey…of course it was a Mickey. It always is with him,” Sheriff Woody told us.

The “hidden Mickey” was located by his parents under his pillow.

“It wasn’t even a great hiding spot,” the toddler’s father Chris said. “It was just jammed in there. Part of his head was still sticking out.”

Police say they try to keep items out of the inmate’s cell. It can become a distraction.

“Sure, we will give him a stuffed animal. But a regular toy. No…we can’t let that happen,” Woody said.

Essex was serving time from an earlier conviction of tot trafficking.

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