Toddler picks better spot to potty on floor after bath than usual

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler made the choice to pee in a better spot for his post bath floor pee.

It happened Saturday on the city’s south side.

According to one-year-old Alexander Essex’s parents, he always finds a way to pee on the floor in the short time between a bath and diaper.

“He usually just lets it go in the hallway or dining room. Both of them carpeted…you think to yourself, I have 42-seconds to go grab a diaper and pjs while he air dries,” Essex’s mother Ami said.

Those seconds make a difference experts say.

“It’s just science…if a toddler has the chance to pee…or god forbid poop on the floor, he or she will take it. Seconds matter,” Dr. JJ Panda said.

It wasn’t all bad news for the Essex family after Saturday’s incident.

“He peed on the bathroom floor. The tiled bathroom floor. Heck, I probably even do that sometimes,” the boy’s father Chris told us. “It was a much easier cleanup process. You know, with the carpet it’s a chore to clean. He pees in the bathroom…a little all purpose cleaner and. some toilet paper. Boom.”

Talks are underway to start potty training with Essex, but there’s no word on a date for that at this time.

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